The following are a few of our clients:

What others have to say about us

“I really can’t say enough about how great it is to work with Danae. She demonstrates to you the greatness of Coaching and makes you want to share it with others.” Director

“Since coaching, people have commented on my ability to lead rather than direct situations, and I feel my confidence grew.” Chief Operating Officer

“As a result of doing a culture and values assessment… our team is now able to bring more of themselves to their work – which is a big thing!” Chief Executive Officer

“The values process was extremely beneficial for our organisation. We highly recommend this process to other organisations.” Senior Vice President

“The value of this workshop is almost so immense that’s it’s immeasurable. The impact has been far and great.” Director

“Danae was terrific to work with… I am a better leader and better employee for it.” Director

“I feel like I’ve won the lottery working with Danae! She was very adaptable, designing materials to meet our specific needs. She’s a huge asset!” People Development

“Through coaching, I have gained significant confidence in my ability to inspire and manage people.” Manager

“This is probably the best internal course I’ve attended… I have come out of this with real, practical techniques that I can use often.” Workshop Participant

“Charles and Danae are amazing and when two great minds come together it creates something enormous and valuable. Thank you guys… you rock us everyday.” Workshop participant

“Danae is very insightful and her probing questions are usually bang-on.” Corporate Director

“Great session! It was very useful and I’m very excited to apply my new knowledge on the floor.” Workshop Participant

“Danae has a remarkable ability to feed back and feed forward … that is useful for the action plans that she helps you create.” Master Certified Coach

“I have a renewed confidence in my abilities, which helps me move forward with what I want to do, and what is best for the company.” Coaching Client

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