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What others have to say about us


“I feel the coaching was a part of changing my attitude to motivate people who work with me. My work with Danae assisted in achieving the #1 store in Canada in the specialty foods category through the Canadian Federation of Independent Grocers! Huge accomplishment!! My primary goal is now to assist in helping everyone who works with me be as successful as they possibly can be.”
– Steve Lockhart, Director of Retail Operations, Choices Markets


“Danae has a remarkable ability to feed back and feed forward. She listens very carefully and then offers an insightful interpretation that is useful for the action plans that she helps you create… Danae is warm and empathetic. She creates a safe environment so you don’t need to censor yourself. I never felt judged – I felt comfortable and safe.”
– Ingrid Bergmann, Professional Certified Coach


“There’s something special about Danae that allows me to talk openly and honestly. She has an amazing ability to listen not only to my words but also my intonation, body language and other small details to interpret what I’m really saying. She then offers me a series of insights that stimulate my thinking and help me move forward in a very clear way. I have nothing but good to say about her as a coach.”
– Shannon McQuillan, People Development, Urban Systems Limited


“Danae’s strengths show through from her energy and her enthusiasm for what she does. She can bring something valuable to you, even if it doesn’t involve her specifically telling you the answer. It might be her sharing something that’s insightful, but it’s also that ability to ask the right questions to get you to think and get something insightful out of yourself and find what you need. She demonstrates to you the greatness of Coaching and makes you want to share it with others.

I really can’t say enough about how great it is to work with Danae. She’s such a busy woman but she always makes time for you and she always makes a conversation feel valued and you leave it feeling like it was valuable… Danae is really amazing at helping me focus and come away feeling inspired from our discussions.” – Chantal Kavanagh, Director, Human Resources, Centerplate


“We have been fortunate to have Danae Johnson as one of those trusted advisors for our staff, and me personally. As a personal coach, Danae brings a well structured approach to dialogue around a given topic as well as a strong ability to direct energy to help uncover the root of the situation. She has great people instincts combined with well developed active listening skills. Her delivery is professional yet balanced with a caring persona. Through our discussions Danae challenges us to be prepared in advance to define the topic of conversation and expected outcomes as well as following up on the success of the outcomes. Solutions or actions are not provided by Danae but through conversation helps clarify the matter and the way forward for the coachee. The relationship has helped foster our growth in both the work and personal environments. We are glad she is part of our team!” – Roberto Binda, Branch Leader for Urban Systems Limited, Calgary, Alberta

Culture & Values Development

“The values process was extremely beneficial for our organisation. We have learned a lot about the importance of aligning personal values with corporate values and how this contributes to a highly engaged and productive work environment. We highly recommend this process to other organisations.” – Marni Johnson, Vice President of Human Resources & Communications, BlueShore Financial


“The value of this workshop is almost so immense that’s it’s immeasurable. The impact has been far and great. We really took away genuine learning outcomes that we were able to put straight into practice. It was very easy to see how this was going to help us achieve genuine change in our communications in our management team. The workshop has given us some level ground and commonality in how we approach our interactions, our feedback and our evaluations of performance. It helps us to work towards creating a better overall environment between the leaders and the management team and has really been impactful in how we handle decisions and discussions. It’s very impactful. Hugely valuable. Over a year after our first workshop and we are still talking about it and implementing new actions from our learnings into our environment.” – Chantal Kavanagh, Director, Human Resources, Centerplate


“I feel like I’ve won the lottery working with Danae! She feels like part of the team and it’s so much easier to work with someone who knows us and gets us.

The work Danae has done with us has been excellent, and the quality exceeded my expectations. Danae was very delightful during the whole process, even when managing a giant amount of data. She was very adaptable, designing materials to meet our specific needs, and clear about when she could make things work. She’s a huge asset!” – Shannon McQuillan, People Development, Urban Systems Limited


“As a result of doing a culture and values assessment, I am more accountable to our team and it opened my eyes to areas where I had been making assumptions. Our team is now able to bring more of themselves to their work – which is a big thing! On a personal level, this has helped me as a leader because I know what people want more of from me. I don’t know how we would have discovered this information if we hadn’t gone through the process of this assessment and coaching around the results.” – Dave Veale, CEO and Founder, Vision Coaching Inc.

Leadership Development

“I was introduced to Executive Team Development in a session held for our Regional Management Team and identified “up and coming” leaders within the region. The workshop introduced the team to Non-Directive Coaching, the principles of leadership and tools to become a more effective leader through coaching. The workshop received exceptionally high marks from the participants and many of them continued to explore their potential by requesting and receiving personal coaches. The workshop assists participants in focussing on personal development, corporate and personal objectives and how to utilize tools to maintain and enhance personal skills. The session allowed me to identify some personal growth needs and how to approach, engage and assist employees in beginning to focus on corporate and personal objectives. I highly recommend this workshop to any Executive Team and Managers as a basis for any team development.” – Bob Harlow, Zone Protection Officer, Wildfire Management Branch, Ministry of Forests & Range, BC

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