Our Focus

We partner with leaders and organizations to grow engagement, fulfillment and performance through executive coaching, customized leadership development and values-based cultural transformation.

“The value of this workshop is almost so immense that’s it’s immeasurable. The impact has been far and great. We really took away genuine learning outcomes that we were able to put straight into practice… It’s very impactful. Hugely valuable. Over a year after our first workshop and we are still talking about it and implementing new actions from our learnings into our environment.”


“There’s something special about Danae that allows me to talk openly and honestly. She has an amazing ability to listen not only to my words but also my intonation, body language and other small details to interpret what I’m really saying. She then offers me a series of insights that stimulate my thinking and help me move forward in a very clear way. I have nothing but good to say about her as a coach.”

People Development