coaching: leadership & life

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How coaching works

By design, coaching is a collaborative partnership that promotes self-discovery, provides support, and applies proven methods and techniques to achieve sustainable business results and personal growth. Coaching is a highly effective approach that can maximize leadership talent and is practised in over 50% of today’s Fortune 500 companies. Thinking Partners Inc. offers one-on-one customized coaching for leaders from multiple industries at various points in their personal and professional leadership journey. We partner with leaders to help fulfill both their career and personal aspirations.

Partnering with a coach can yield both subtle and significant transformation in many areas including:

  • creating greater personal fulfillment and growth
  • capitalizing on strengths and natural, true talents
  • shifting thinking and generating fresh perspectives
  • uncovering new insights and converting thoughts and ideas into action
  • identifying self-imposed restrictions that may be based on inaccurate beliefs or behaviours that are holding a leader back in obvious or more subtle ways
  • uncovering blind spots that inhibit growth and development
  • investing time to work ‘on’ business/life and not just ‘in’ business/life
  • achieving the optimal level of balance
  • increasing the level of presence that leaders put forth
  • creating relationships with greater purpose and meaning

Coaching sessions are designed to fit your lifestyle and needs. They can be held in person or by phone, depending on preference and geographical location. Frequency is based on needs and specific schedules. In general, we have found that holding coaching sessions twice a month provides enough frequency to build momentum and enough time to apply changes so that they stick.

“Danae has a remarkable ability to feed back and feed forward. She listens very carefully and then offers an insightful interpretation that is useful for the action plans that she helps you create… Danae is warm and empathetic. She creates a safe environment so you don’t need to censor yourself. I never felt judged – I felt comfortable and safe.” Master Certified Coach

Executive & Leadership Coaching

Thinking Partners Inc. develops strong leadership coaching partnerships using tailored goals and approaches, skill building, performance improvement, development for future assignments, exploration, definition and implementation of the specific leadership and business objectives. The process includes pre-coaching needs analysis and planning; contracting; data gathering; goal setting; regular coaching sessions; measuring and reporting results; and transitioning to long-term development.

Our clients have found great value in gaining a deeper understanding of their strengths, leadership style and impact through these and other tools: CORE VALUES, CORE GIFT© and STANDOUT® COACHING as well as how others perceive them through tools such as NARRATIVE 360 FEEDBACK REPORTS. Discover more about the assessments we offer on our Leadership Development page.

Personal Life Coaching

Using similar tools and methods to Leadership Coaching, Thinking Partners Inc. provides personal coaching in a less structured style for individuals who want to manifest their greater potential and/or increase overall happiness and well being, beyond or outside the scope of their career. Reflecting on all aspects of life, personal coaching takes a holistic approach to personal development, fulfillment and achievement.

Our clients have found great value in getting a deeper understanding of both their CORE VALUES and their CORE GIFT©. Discover more about the assessments we offer in both these areas on our Leadership Development page.

Contact us today to discuss your coaching needs and how we can help you reach your career and life goals.