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Culture Capital is the new frontier of competitive advantage.
What’s the level of health of your organization’s culture?

We assist leaders and organizations with a method of measuring the level of health of the company culture and articulating authentic core values. We use customized assessments and tools, which provide organizations with a comprehensive cultural diagnostic and roadmap for improved performance and results. We have helped multiple progressive organizations re-engineer their culture for greater future success, including BlueShore Financial, Port Metro Vancouver, PepsiCo, Urban Systems Limited and many more.

Cultural Transformation Tools ®

“We can categorically state that organisations with high levels of cultural alignment will have superior levels of financial performance.” – Richard Barrett, The Barrett Values Centre

Culture and values have typically been considered intangible and therefore tricky to measure and quantify. As a result, the accountability for the state of health of an organization’s culture has not typically been part of a leader’s scorecard or effectively used as a key performance indicator. That has all changed! In 1997, an innovative set of assessments that map the values of individuals and organizations was developed called the Cultural Transformation Tools (CTT). The CTT assessment is a detailed diagnostic report of an organizational culture and a roadmap for continuous improvement. The Cultural Transformation Tools are based on the Seven Levels of Consciousness model. They allow an organization to measure the level of alignment between the personal values of employees with those of the current culture of the organization and the future or desired culture values that will lead to improved overall performance. Over 600 organizations and 20 nations have used CTT tools to build resiliency and improve performance in their organizations. Read Cultural Capital – A fundamental driver of financial performance to learn more about how CTT can improve your business results.

Based on identifying levels of values alignment (personal and cultural), strengths and improvements, the CTT tools provide assessments for:

  • Individuals
  • Organizations
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Leaders
  • Teams
  • Schools
  • Non-Profits

Read Aon Hewitt’s article connecting cultural alignment with an organization’s bottom line: Engagement and Culture: Engaging Talent in Turbulent Times. 

Personal Values Assessment (PVA)

A Personal Values Assessment is a free online survey tool that reveals an individual’s personal values and provides insight about why we do what we do, how we show up personally and professionally, what triggers us and what underlies our decisions.

To amplify the results, increase self-awareness and uncover new insights that can be turned into powerful actions, we offer a debrief of a PVA for coaching clients. This can be followed by one-on-one coaching, if desired.

Take your FREE Personal Values Assessment here or contact us for a Personal Values Debrief Coaching Session.

Cultural Values Assessment (CVA)

“It’s not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are.” Roy Disney

As certified CTT practitioners, we work with organizations to design and customize an online values assessment that reflects the personal values of employees and the nature of their business. Organizations receive a comprehensive report that serves as a roadmap for improvement. Components of the CVA report include:

  • Values Distribution Plot – visually demonstrates the alignment of the top Personal Values, Current Culture Values and Desired Culture Values.
  • CTS Diagram – allows you to see where employees are now, how they see the current organizational culture and where they see the future focus needs to be.
  • Business Needs Scorecard – translates the values into 6 key areas of a business perspective: Finance; Fitness; Client Relations; Evolution; Culture; and Societal Contribution.
  • Diagnostic Report and Executive Summary – provides additional details on the culture of the organization and a roadmap for implementing a cultural adjustment or transformation project.
  • Recommendations – experts review the data and provide valuable recommendations to help organizations achieve changes for a healthier, more resilient organizational culture. Both low-hanging fruit and longer term options are suggested to provide the most viable opportunities and leverage points.

Small Group Assessment (SGA)

Similar to a CVA for larger groups and organizations, the SGA indicates the level of values alignment for groups and organizations with 20 people or less. The scope of this assessment has been simplified for small teams and made available in this format so that it is more cost effective. However, the benefits and value are equal in impact to a CVA.

Merger Compatibility Assessment (MCA)

The Merger Compatibility Assessment is used to determine how merging organizations can succeed in their efforts to combine two or more corporate cultures. This assessment determines for each culture what is important to the employees from a personal values perspective; how they perceive their current culture; and what direction they would like their organization to take. Comparing results of the merging cultures show where they share the same point of view; where they differ; potential problem areas; current mutual strengths; and what one might offer the other.

Leadership Values Assessment (LVA)

The Leadership Values Assessment supports leaders in broadening and strengthening their leadership skills. An LVA involves carrying out a 360-degree survey on the leader’s values, and the results of an LVA highlight the true, authentic nature of a leader as well as key areas for growth in achieving their full potential. The LVA specifically focuses on the level of alignment between a leader’s values and those of the organization they work with. When used in conjunction with coaching, an LVA is one of the most powerful development tools available.

Individual Values Assessment (IVA)

The Individual Values Assessment is a self-assessment instrument that can be used in combination with the LVA or alone depending on the client’s needs. Primarily, it is used by leaders to understand the dynamic relationship between their personal values, the values of the organization and the values they would like to see in the organization. With this information, we can assist individuals to maximize their values alignment within an organization, and bring more of themselves – including greater capacity, levels of contribution and fulfillment – to their work.

“The value is almost so immense that it’s immeasurable. The impact has been far and great. It helps us to work towards creating a better overall environment between the leaders and the management team and has really been impactful.” Director

“As a result of doing a culture and values assessment, I am more accountable to our team and it opened my eyes to areas where I had been making assumptions. Our team is now able to bring more of themselves to their work – which is a big thing! On a personal level, this has helped me as a leader because I know what people want more of from me. I don’t know how we would have discovered this information if we hadn’t gone through the process of this assessment and coaching around the results.” Chief Executive Officer

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