2016 CTT International Conference

If you are interested in learning about a culture change process that leads to enduring business performance and high levels of employee engagement, join us at the 2016 CTT International Conference, Sep 28-30 in Toronto.

With colleague Charles Holmes, executives from BlueShore Financial I’ll be co-presenting to examine conditions for readiness, how to engage an entire organization in profound and meaningful ways and how to instill a deep sense of progressive spirit over time.

The 2016 CTT International Conference will bring leaders and practitioners together to further the journey towards conscious evolution. It will cultivate authentic inquiry, curiosity, learning and growth by providing both inspiration and practical tools for application. The conference is an opportunity for leaders and change agents to collaborate and innovate, linking real world challenges to universal wisdom and emergent best practice.

Visit the Barrett Values Centre website for more information about the conference, and view the preliminary agenda and flyer!

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