World Values Day

Today is World Values Day and all of us at Thinking Partners are taking the Values Challenge! Join us in choosing a value, acting on it and sharing it…

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Value: Wellbeing
Action: When busyness builds up, I’m reminded that health can’t be taken for granted. Rather than just keep ploughing through, I’m remembering to step back and listen to what my body needs. A walk in the trees, eat my veggies, dinner and laughing with my friends… when the going gets tough, I need to take care of myself first.



Value: Health
Action: Aware of our mortality, I’m being mindful of life routines and eating habits to maintain good health, while supporting loved ones who are dealing with illness.



Value: Family
Action: Keeping my work schedule flexible so my children can have lunch at home twice a week this year + taking 1 full day each weekend as a fun family day (no emails, work calls, appointments).


What means the most to you today?



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