World Values Day 2020

World Values Day 2020 was held on October 15th and along with my colleagues in the Canadian Values Community we took to social media to share how we’re putting values more at the heart of everything we do and bringing them to life.

Posts were viewed, shared and liked thousands of times, with the UK Values Alliance social media campaign on Twitter reaching the timelines of 72 million people around the world! The day helped people everywhere remember what matters most and how to put that into action.

World Values Day 2020

Here are a few of our favourite Thinking Partners Inc. posts for World Values Day 2020:

October 9th:
We co-hosted the very first Canadian Values Conversations, Vancouver (2018), as part of a national initiative to discover what matters most to Canadians. Here are some of the top values selected.

What value most resonates with you right now (from the list or another)? How have you lived or seen this value-in-action? Share a note, photo or image and tell us!

Top Canadian Values

October 13th:
Counting down to World Values Day on October 15th!!
We shared a post by our colleague Phil Clothier, from the Barrett Values Centre, with this fun video about World Values Day.

October 15th:
Today is World Values Day! A lot matters to me these days but these 2 things: Family & Nature matter most. I can get through anything when I’m connected to these. For #WVD 2020 what matters most to you and how are you living it?

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World Values Day 2019

At Thinking Partners we talk a lot about values and strive to live them vibrantly. Working with our clients, we help them identify and connect with their core values, to bring them more to life for greater fulfillment and impact.

World Values Day 2019
A walk in the forest (pics from last weekend in Stanley Park) always feeds my wellbeing.

This year’s World Values Day theme on October 17th is “Values and Wellbeing.”

“When we are not aligned with our values, our own wellbeing and the wellbeing of others will suffer.” A first step to increasing your own wellbeing is to identify your core values, and this handy “Take a Values Break Guide,” prepared by the organizers of World Values Day, can help you identify those values that are important to you while you drink your morning coffee.

Coach Danae Johnson celebrating World Values Day 2019

Once you’ve identified your values, it’s important to act on them. That could mean going for a walk in nature, turning your cellphone off for an entire weekend, learning a new language (might take more than a weekend!) volunteering with a local organization, calling a friend you’ve been meaning to catch up with. It’s the action that propels you towards a feeling of increased wellbeing and happiness. The more often you take actions that help you to live your values, the greater the sense of wellbeing!

Here are some ways to get involved:

 Happy World Values day!

World Values Day

Today is World Values Day and all of us at Thinking Partners are taking the Values Challenge! Join us in choosing a value, acting on it and sharing it…

Read more at World Values Day


Value: Wellbeing
Action: When busyness builds up, I’m reminded that health can’t be taken for granted. Rather than just keep ploughing through, I’m remembering to step back and listen to what my body needs. A walk in the trees, eat my veggies, dinner and laughing with my friends… when the going gets tough, I need to take care of myself first.



Value: Health
Action: Aware of our mortality, I’m being mindful of life routines and eating habits to maintain good health, while supporting loved ones who are dealing with illness.



Value: Family
Action: Keeping my work schedule flexible so my children can have lunch at home twice a week this year + taking 1 full day each weekend as a fun family day (no emails, work calls, appointments).


What means the most to you today?



What Do You Value?

October 20th, 2016 is World Values Day! When we have a deep understanding and awareness of our core values we are better equipped to live our lives in the fullest, happiest and most meaningful way, both at work and overall.

Here at Thinking Partners, we are honoured to support World Values Day and recognize the enduring importance of values in our own lives and the communities we live in and serve!

Will you join us in connecting to your values?

Here’s how you can participate in this transformative event:

  • Take the free World Values Day Personal Values Assessment – thanks to our colleagues at the Barrett Values Centre for making this available to everyone!
  • Be like the team at Thinking Partners and download the “I Value” template to express one of your core values.
  • Take a selfie/photo showing you and your value.
  • Share your selfie on social media and spread awareness of the importance of values. Use the hashtags: #WorldValuesDay and #CTTValues

Click here to read more about World Values Day and how you can get involved.

Look out for our upcoming post about the CTT Conference held in Toronto last month – it was a fantastic conference that brought together practitioners from all over the world around the shared theme of the importance of values-based culture transformation.