World Values Day 2020

World Values Day 2020 was held on October 15th and along with my colleagues in the Canadian Values Community we took to social media to share how we’re putting values more at the heart of everything we do and bringing them to life.

Posts were viewed, shared and liked thousands of times, with the UK Values Alliance social media campaign on Twitter reaching the timelines of 72 million people around the world! The day helped people everywhere remember what matters most and how to put that into action.

World Values Day 2020

Here are a few of our favourite Thinking Partners Inc. posts for World Values Day 2020:

October 9th:
We co-hosted the very first Canadian Values Conversations, Vancouver (2018), as part of a national initiative to discover what matters most to Canadians. Here are some of the top values selected.

What value most resonates with you right now (from the list or another)? How have you lived or seen this value-in-action? Share a note, photo or image and tell us!

Top Canadian Values

October 13th:
Counting down to World Values Day on October 15th!!
We shared a post by our colleague Phil Clothier, from the Barrett Values Centre, with this fun video about World Values Day.

October 15th:
Today is World Values Day! A lot matters to me these days but these 2 things: Family & Nature matter most. I can get through anything when I’m connected to these. For #WVD 2020 what matters most to you and how are you living it?

#worldvaluesday #CDN_Values #CanadianValuesConversations

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