What Do You Value?

October 20th, 2016 is World Values Day! When we have a deep understanding and awareness of our core values we are better equipped to live our lives in the fullest, happiest and most meaningful way, both at work and overall.

Here at Thinking Partners, we are honoured to support World Values Day and recognize the enduring importance of values in our own lives and the communities we live in and serve!

Will you join us in connecting to your values?

Here’s how you can participate in this transformative event:

  • Take the free World Values Day Personal Values Assessment – thanks to our colleagues at the Barrett Values Centre for making this available to everyone!
  • Be like the team at Thinking Partners and download the “I Value” template to express one of your core values.
  • Take a selfie/photo showing you and your value.
  • Share your selfie on social media and spread awareness of the importance of values. Use the hashtags: #WorldValuesDay and #CTTValues

Click here to read more about World Values Day and how you can get involved.

Look out for our upcoming post about the CTT Conference held in Toronto last month – it was a fantastic conference that brought together practitioners from all over the world around the shared theme of the importance of values-based culture transformation.