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Thinking Partners designs a customized leadership development approach that fits your needs and leadership talent development goals. We draw from a selection of trademarked assessments and programs that we are experienced in and certified to deliver as part of a customized approach to meet specific leadership development and organizational needs.

We know that leadership development begins with the individual and offer a number of well-established leadership assessments. We have shown that optimal outcomes for leadership development of any kind are achieved with skills development and leadership coaching occurring in concert. The impact of training increases from 30% to 70% when training is coupled with coaching. Xerox Corporation carried out several studies showing that in the absence of follow-up coaching, 87% of the intended skills development from training alone was lost: that’s 87 cents of every skills development dollar down the drain! Coaching and leadership development skills training go hand-in-hand. Coaching is key to ensuring content becomes integrated into a leader’s behaviour and acts as the ‘stick’ factor.

Our simple yet effective approach

Innovative Leadership Development (experiential learning, skills development, heightened self-awareness and assessments) + Individual Coaching (the ‘stick’ factor) = Sustainable, quantifiable results for leaders and organizations


Leadership assessments to expand self-awareness & develop self-mastery:

Core Gift Discovery © Process

Designed over a twenty-year period, the Core Gift Discovery© process has been experienced by thousands of people from many walks of life. Each of us has a unique core gift that is our most valued asset, and connected to our deepest sense of purpose. When it is acknowledged and used as part of our work and life tasks we feel valued, respected and able to make our fullest contribution. Anyone can complete the Core Gift interview process, using a facilitated approach whereby their core gift is revealed.

Danae is the first Core Gift master facilitator in Vancouver.

Read more about the Core Gift Discovery© process.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator ® (MBTI)

The MBTI, first developed in 1975, has been an invaluable assessment and training tool for executive coaches and other professionals in providing insight and feedback to individuals on their personality type. MBTI is grounded in the theory of psychological types as developed by C. G. Jung. For more information on MBTI visit the Psychometrics website.

Leadership Values Assessment (LVA)

The Leadership Values Assessment supports leaders in broadening and strengthening their leadership skills. An LVA involves carrying out a 360-degree survey on the leader’s values, and the results of an LVA highlight the true, authentic nature of a leader as well as key areas for growth in achieving their full potential. The LVA specifically focuses on the level of alignment between a leader’s values and those of the organization they work with. When used in conjunction with coaching, an LVA is one of the most powerful development tools available. Click here for more information on this assessment.

View Leadership Values Assessment Report.

Take your free Personal Values Assessment here.

Individual Values Assessment (IVA)

The Individual Values Assessment is a self-assessment instrument that can be used in combination with the LVA or alone depending on the client’s needs. Primarily, it is used by leaders to understand the dynamic relationship between their personal values, the values of the organization, and the values they would like to see in the organization. With this information, we can assist individuals to maximize their values alignment within an organization, and bring more of themselves – including greater capacity and levels of contribution – to their work. Click here for more information on this assessment.

View Individual Values Assessment Report.

Leadership Development Programs

Coaching Out of the Box®

Coaching Out of the Box® is designed for busy people wanting to learn the art of coaching. This program will help you get the best of your team and yourself. It can be tailored to suit your schedule, and can be delivered in a day, two half days, or through a weekly teleconference. You will emerge with a set of coaching skills and a box of coaching tools, plus the option of one-to-one integration coaching sessions following the course to really help ‘stick’ the learning and shift what you want to see. Click here for more information on this program.

What clients are saying about our workshops:

“The work Danae has done with us has been excellent, and the quality exceeded my expectations. Danae was very delightful during the whole process, even when managing a giant amount of data. She was very adaptable, designing materials to meet our specific needs, and clear about when she could make things work. She’s a huge asset!” – Shannon McQuillan, People Development, Urban Systems Limited

“The session allowed me to identify some personal growth needs and how to approach, engage and assist employees in beginning to focus on corporate and personal objectives. I highly recommend this workshop to any Executive Team and Managers as a basis for any team development.” – Bob Harlow, Ministry of Forests and Range, BC